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Quality Control

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Products Inspection

The product quality inspection of our company is based on the manufacturing course of the products, including raw materials inspection when purchasing, semi-finished products inspection control, and the final inspection of the finished products. The raw materials inspection must be finished within 24 hours after purchasing, issuing a "detecting and testing report". Only after the qualified test, are the materials allowed to be stored in the warehouse; otherwise the raw materials will not be accepted or be part of the production procedure.

We use the method of composition inspection and spectrometry analysis to inspect and control the quality of our semi-finished and finished products. We use specialized vocational methods for round ingot quality, squeeze quality, finished-products quality and patrol inspections to guarantee each course of the manufacture. We establish key quality control points in each course of the product realization to guarantee there is no negligence.

Fenglu uses the most advanced and complete product inspection equipment among the aluminum products enterprises of China. These include direct-reading spectrometers, 100 kN microelectronics universal rally testing machine, salt spray testing box, computer gloss meters, 50×-1500× metallurgical microscope, Q-SUN xenon light testing box, Luomi products testing system,10-5000nm ultrasonic flaw detectors, vicat softening point/heat deflection test apparatus, Baerhuoke indentation experimental instrument, spectrophotometry color measurement instrument etc.

01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg
Fatigue testing machine X-ray diffractometer Infrared spectrometer
04.jpg 05.jpg 06.jpg
Scanning electron microscopy Metallographic microscope PDA spectral analyzer
07.jpg 08.jpg 09.jpg
100KN material tensile testing machine Differential thermal analyzer Section scanner
10.jpg 11.jpg 12.jpg
QUV UV aging instrument Q-FOG salt spray testing machine Q-type xenon lamp aging instrument

Quality Control

"International Quality, Fenglu Aluminum Products" is the fundamental criteria.
Our company insists on "Quality is Life of Enterprise" as our quality control principle. We have built up an orderly quality management system, passed many international standard management systems and product quality certifications, such as ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS18001:1999, DNV of Norway, military industry quality system of China, etc. We are one of the first companies to receive Products Exemption from quality surveillance inspection in China. We have received "Adopting International Standard Products Certificate", the "Famous Products of Guangdong Province Guangdong Famous Trade Mark", the "Famous Trademark of China", and the "Famous Products of China".

Our company strictly practices the quality inspection rule "do not use non-qualified raw materials, do not manufacture non-qualified products, and do not send out non-qualified products". We believe in the quality monitoring principle of "letter course detect former course, self detection combines with quality detection monitoring". At our quality inspection center, we inspect from beginning to end, ensuring high quality and long term stability. We have 320 employees working in quality control and are training 15 people who have obtained the qualification of national quality control. We are setting up 450 "after-sales" service stations and offer free hotline service.

Quality is Character. The feature of us is "Quality is most stable Product is best, Handing out fastest", we have won a top place in the competed market.

We believe quality is character. By featuring "Our most stable product is our best quality", we have won a top place in the competing market.

Production Quality Control Flow Chart

Production Quality Control Flow Chart

Main equipment list

Name Measuring range/ accuracy Model and Spec. Brand/Origin
Direct reading spectrometer Aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, mould steel PDA-7000 Japan Shimadzu
Direct reading spectrometer Aluminum alloy SPECTRO MAXx Germany Spectro
Metallographic microscope 50-1500 times DMI5000M Germany Leica
Metallographic microscope 50-1500 times Axio Vert.A1 Germany Zeiss
Polishing machine 20-1400 rpm MP-2A Shanghai Goldenimage
Polishing machine 20-1400 rpm MP-2A Shanghai Goldenimage
Electronic universal tensile tester 100KN CmT5105 Shenzhen Xinsansi
Electronic universal tensile tester 100KN CmT5105 Zhuhai Sansi Taijie
Pendulum impact tester 25J ZBC1251-2 Xinsansi
Impact testing machine 0-120cm QBJ-120(A.B) Tianjin Material
Impact testing machine 0.02mm QBS Shanghai Pushen
Coating cupping tester 0.1 260 Foshan H. J.UNKEL
Thickness gauge 0.1μm 6000 Foshan H. J.UNKEL
Eddy current thickness gauge 0.1μm Serie FMP10-20 Germany
Plane thickness gauge 0-2000μm DuALS COPE MPO Germany
Buchholz indentation tester 1000g±50g QHY Tianjin Yongli
Cylindrical bending tester 0°~180° YZQ-II Shanghai Pushen
High and low temperature test chamber -30~+150℃ GP-HLTD3015 Shenzhen Xinsansi
High and low temperature test chamber -30~+150℃ HGW-300E Zhuhai Sansi Taijie
Standard light source box CWF, TL83/U30 P60(6) Shenzhen Tilo
Colorimeter 0.01 CM-2500D Konica
Paint film scriber Edge 0.1mm QFH Tianjin Jingke
Paint film scriber Edge 0.1mm QFH Tianjin Jingke
Infrared spectrometer
IRPrestige-21 SHIMADZU, Japan
Xenon Test Chamber 1 min 7-1BBXE-3HS H.J.UNKEL
Salt spray tester chamber 600L Q-FOG Q-Pane company
Salt spray corrosion chamber 35℃-55℃ YWX/Q-760(B) Jiangsu
Pencil scratch tester 100g±50g QHQ-A Tianjin Yongli
Ultraviolet aging tester 340NM QUV Q-Pane company
Gas chromatograph 0-100% SP-6890 Shanghai Rex
Centrifugal machine 0-12000rpm TG1650-WS Shanghai Lu Xiangyi
Visible spectrophotometer Wavelength accuracy±2nm 722 Shanghai Precision
Digital acidity meter 0-14.0 PHS-25 Shanghai Precision
Electronic analytical balance 0.0001g FA2004 Tianjin Tianma
Super numerical control thermo tank 0.1℃ XMT Haishu Tianheng
High temperature furnace 50-1000℃ SX2-8-10 Shanghai Chengshun
COD meter 0.1 QCOD-2C Shenzhen Hongchang
Dial caliper 0-200MM 0-200mm Shanghai Tool Works Co., Ltd.
Outside micrometer 0-25MM (0-25)mm division value: 0.01mm Shanghai Tool Works Co., Ltd.
Vickers hardness tester ±0.2HW PHS-25 Shenyang Tianxing

Process Test Sequence

Process and quality control is the key factor to ensure product quality. Fenglu carries out strict control for all steps, including raw material warehousing, ingot melting and casting, profile extrusion, surface treatment, finished product warehousing, product delivery. Combined with strict self inspection for each production process, superior product quality is guaranteed.

The following briefly shows how we control:

The following briefly shows how we control

Our product line includes architectural aluminum profiles, industrial aluminum profiles, aluminum windows & doors, aluminum cabinets & furniture, as well as specialty...




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