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Aluminum Profile Manufacturing Line

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Aluminum Ingot Casting Line

Fenglu has 15 aluminum ingot casting lines which are advanced in the domestic market, consisting of reverberatory furnace from UK, semi-continuous casting machine from USA, homogenizing furnace and PSA nitrogen generator from UK. Modification is carried out by applying aluminum-titanium-boron wire or adding a modifier in the furnace to accomplish thermal treatment. The gas-removing unit and multi-stage foam ceramic filter plate are adopted for purification purpose.
When compared to traditional casting equipment, our casting line has the following advantages:

Besides, Fenglu has 3 direct-reading spectrometers from UK to ensure that the chemical compositions are compliant with AA standard, ALCON standard, ALCAN standard or customer-specific standards. The entire production process is supervised by computer system, enabling all aluminum alloy materials are produced with high consistency and reasonable proportion. We adopt high quality A00 aluminum ingots from world's trustworthy suppliers. At our casting workshop, we are nimble enough to process various aluminum alloys ranging from 1xxx to 7xxx, with specification options of Ø320, Ø278, Ø230, Ø165, Ø135, Ø124, Ø115, Ø100, Ø85, etc.

    • Oil consumption 50-60kg/t.Al;

    • Burning loss 1.0-1.5%;

    • Forklifts are adopted for material loading and slag removal, doubling the production efficiency and reducing labor intensity;

    • The temperature difference inside the furnace is less than ±5℃;

    • The plasticity of the aluminum rod is improved and the residual stress of the cast aluminum is eliminated;

Aluminum Ingot Casting Line

Aluminum Extrusion Line

Fenglu has more than 100 aluminum extrusion lines with different capacities of 20000T, 12500 T,10000T, 7500 T, 5500T, 4000T and 2500T which are introduced from world's renowned brands. These extrusion machines are configured with air quenching, fog quenching and water quenching equipment to satisfy the required mechanical properties of aluminum profiles in various states. In addition, our aluminum extrusion line is also equipped with German discharge table that can withstand high-temperature applications (such as heat felts), as well as cooling table, resulting in high surface quality with minimal defects. The length of single piece of aluminum profile reaches 40 meters. Online inspection machine and isokinetic traction machine are adopted to ensure the constant speed of the extrusion line. For those aluminum profiles, bars and pipes with high quenching sensitivity or large section size, which are impossible to conduct online quenching, we will utilize offline vertical quenching furnace to perform solid-solution hardening process. We are currently capable of processing aluminum extrusions with cross-section sizes of up to 480mm, and fulfilling the application needs of T1-T9 heat treatment.

Our ingot heating furnace is equipped with long aluminum rod heating and cutting unit, thus significantly improving the working efficiency. At the same time, 12 aging furnaces are adopted to ensure maximum productivity and minimum downtime.

Aluminum Extrusion Line

Anodizing and Electrophoretic Coating Line

Our manufacturing workshop is equipped with 4 Anodizing and Electrophoretic Coating Line imported from South Korea, including an automatic vertical Anodizing line with monthly production capacity of 6000 tons and 2 horizontal Anodizing lines that can process profiles up to 13.5m in length.

Anodizing and Electrophoretic Coating Line has rectifying equipment to ensure constant voltage curve, and consistent thickness of oxide film and electrophoretic coating film.
The electrophoretic coating drying furnace utilizes bottom-loading method so that electrophoretic coating drips outside the furnace, eliminating routine cleaning of inside the furnace while keeping aluminum surface clean without dust.

    • Process control: having functions of online film thickness measuring, automatic color matching and automatic replenishment of tank liquid;

    • High automation: unattended operation is carried out throughout the process from loading, Anodizing, coloring, electrophoretic coating through to unloading, resulting in 50% decreased labor intensity and 50% increased productivity;

    • Equipment stability: servo hydraulic system is used to control lifting equipment, the running speed is adjustable;

    Oxidation, Coloring and Electrophoretic Coating Line

    Electrostatic Spray Coating Line

    Fenglu has introduced a vertical powder coating line from Italy and 18 electrostatic powder spray coating lines from UK, featuring short power changing cycle, high powder recovery rate, and uniform coating layer without sagging defect. The curing furnace is capable of processing aluminum profiles of up to 13.5m in length, the temperature difference inside the furnace is less than ±2.5℃.

    The thermosetting resin powder is purchased from world's renowned brands AKZONOBEL and DUPONT, and all raw materials used in coating powder are imported from international suppliers that provided us with "Letter of Guarantee".

    The powder coating layer on aluminum profiles has better performance in comparison with generally treated surface of aluminum profile in terms of adhesive force, weather resistance, peeling resistance and UV resistance.

    Fenglu also possesses 4 fully automatic air spray electrostatic coating lines imported from French SAMES. The fluorocarbon paint we use is from USA PPG and Akzo Nobel, the weather resistance of which has been recognized by the industry, enabling coated aluminum profiles are well suited to various harsh environments. Our powder coated aluminum extrusions are compliant with international standards of GB5237.5-2004, AAMA2605-05 and Qualicoat.

    Electrostatic Spray Coating Line

    Fabrication and CNC machining Line

    Fenglu has a complete deep processing line that enables us capable of accomplishing processes of sawing, punching, welding, cutting, as well as surface finishing such as brushing and polishing to meet the individual requirements of our customers. Our aluminum deep processing line consists of sawing machines (hydraulic single-head saw, digital display single-head saw, 45-degree angle saw, manually adjustable angle saw, etc.), milling machines (CNC vertical milling machine, digital display milling machine, vertical machining center, etc.), drilling machines (rocker arm drilling machine, bench drilling machine, tapping machine, etc.), stamping machines (11 units of 80 ton stamping machine, 4 units of 40 ton stamping machine and 7 units of 30 ton stamping machine), welding machines (6 argon arc welding machines), surface finishing machine (sanding machine, grinding machine, polishing machine, etc.).

    The processing capacity is as follows:

    • Sawing machine: cut-to-length, 45-degree angle sawing, customer-specific angle sawing, with precision of ±0.3mm (depending on the length of aluminum profile), cutting length range of 30mm-12m;

    • Milling machine: hole drilling, plane milling, groove milling and special-shaped hole milling;

    • Stamping machine: perforating, bending, surface embossing (stamping molds are required);

    • Welding machine: welding of various aluminum parts;

      Surface finishing machine: surface brushing, grinding, polishing (can be coupled with oxidation and coloring machine to achieve various surface finishes);

    Deep Processing Line

    Aluminum Door and Window Production Line

    Quality assurance
    All aluminum doors and windows are designed and manufactured to the national standards and delivered on time. Each batch of products has reliable digital batch records to ensure the traceability.

    Listen to customer's needs
    If you have any technical issue or quality concern, our engineer will response quickly, take the time to listen, address the issue, and provide professional solution in an efficiently and timely manner.

    Considerate service
    If on-site assistance is required, we will dispatch our experts to provide troubleshooting solutions, and deliver deliberate on-site services.

    Aluminum Door and Window Production Line

    Thermally-insulated Aluminum Profile Production Line

    Fenglu has introduced 8 advanced thermally-insulated aluminum profile production lines from Italian company and 2 thermal break material production lines from American company Azon. Our thermally-insulated aluminum profiles are manufactured to meet the requirements of European and American standards. We adopt Germany imported nylon heat insulation strips and Azon thermal barrier materials to ensure the mechanical strength and heat resistance of aluminum profiles, which are suitable for doors, windows and curtain walls requiring energy-saving, heat insulating and soundproof materials.

    Thermally-insulated Aluminum Profile Production Line

Our product line includes architectural aluminum profiles, industrial aluminum profiles, aluminum windows & doors, aluminum cabinets & furniture, as well as specialty...




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