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Our workshop is equipped with large-scale gantry CNC machining center, CNC vertical lathe, horizontal three-axis CNC machining center, air quenching furnace, EDM machine, five-axis CNC machining center and more advanced machine tools, enabling us capable of developing and producing extremely large molds of 1200mm.

Five-axis CNC Machining Center

    • CNC control of 5 axes (X/Y/Z/C/A), can achieve cutting, drilling and tapping operations on 5 faces;

    • Suitable for processing large-scale aluminum profiles;

    • Tool magazine with 18 tool stations, easy tool changing at any
      position within the processing area;

    Five-axis CNC Machining Center

    Fully Automatic 5-axis Double Head CNC Cutting Machine

    • Equipped with dynamic positioning unit;

    • Cutting head can be tilted while the saw blades are rotatable, suitable for cutting complex workpiece;

    Fully Automatic 5-axis Double Head CNC Cutting Machine

    Double Head CNC Cutting Machine

    • Cutting head at right side is equipped with a shifting unit that has a dynamic positioning unit;

    • The cutting head can be tilted at 90°, 45° or 22.5° (customer-specific angles can be achieved by manual adjustment);

    • Equipped with horizontal and vertical clamping units, protection unit and tool lubrication unit;

    • Able to cut extremely long or extremely short workpieces;

Double Head CNC Cutting Machine

Our product line includes architectural aluminum profiles, industrial aluminum profiles, aluminum windows & doors, aluminum cabinets & furniture, as well as specialty...




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