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Production System

R&D Center

"Fenglu Aluminum New Materials and New Technology Research and Development Center" is one of the high-level research and development institutions in the domestic aluminum profile industry. 
Fenglu Aluminum New Materials and New Technology Research and Development Center has established academician workshop, and invited Ge Changchun, who is the academician of the national non-ferrous metal authority to dominate the works of academician office. In addition, Fenglu, cooperating with University of Science and Technology Beijing, Central South University, General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals and Guangzhou Nonferrous Metal Research Institute, set up the academician workshop, post-doctoral scientific research station.
Professor Liu Jing’an who is the national famous extrusion expert, Professor Xie Shuizheng, PhD adviser of General Research Institute of Nonferrous Metals and Engineering Center, Professor Yin Zhimin, PhD adviser of Materials Science and Engineering School of Central South University, and Director Xie Jianxin, PhD adviser of Materials Science and Engineering School of University of Science and Technology Beijing, to dominate the work of post-doctoral work station. 

Fenglu Aluminum New Materials and New Technology Research and Development Center has established the New Material Research Office, New Technology Research Office, New Product Development Office and Physical and Chemical Test Center, on this basis, the Special Aluminum Alloy Profile Processing Center is established.

Mould design and processing

Our company possesses a series of complete mould manufacturing production lines from mould steel forging, mould design, mould manufacturing, mould heat treatment and so on. In order to improve the processing quality and manufacturing level of the mould, our company has introduced 6 sets of CNC machining tools and 3 sets of WEDM slow speed as well as vacuum heat treatment furnace from Taiwan.
In order to achieve better extrusion surface quality and prolong the service life of mould, our company has carried out all-round cooperation with Southwest Institute of Physics, and has introduced the ion implanter and two Italian mould surface grinding mills.
The extrusion mould of our company features elaborate design with domestic and abroad high quality special mould steel, and features advanced process, advanced production equipment and exquisite processing method. In order to meet the customer's multi-series requirements, the computerized management has been realized from mould design, development and manufacture, and CAD/CAM mould development system is adopted in design, which can meet the demands of customers on high difficulty and high precision.
In general, the process flow chart of mould is as follows:
Material feeding › rough cutting › marking › milling › heat treatment › grinding and wire cutting › EDM processing › precise repair by fitter › examination and acceptance. According to the size of mould and the complexity of the profile section, the difficulty of mould processing is determined. Under general conditions, the production cycle of our plane mould is 5-10 days; and divergent mould is 7-20 days.

Inspection Center

The main test service range of our Test Center include: chemical composition of aluminum and aluminum alloy, chemical composition of tank liquid, structure of aluminum alloy, mechanical property, cross section size of profile, performance of anodic oxidation film, performance of electrophoretic coating film, performance of organic coating, thermal insulation profile and insulation material properties, etc.

The Center boasts strong technical strength and advanced physical and chemical testing instruments and equipment. 
Currently, the testing instruments and equipment mainly include: 2 sets of atomic emission spectrum analyzer imported from UK, 1 set of Israel section scanner, German GARDNER series coating test equipment, 1 sets of universal electronic material testing machine, 1 set of German metallographic microscope, 1 set of xenon lamp weathering test box imported from USA, 2 sets of programmable constant temperature and constant humidity box, 1 set of ultraviolet weathering experiment box, 1 set of salt spray test chamber, 2 sets of tensile testing machine, altogether more than 50 sets of testing devices.

Eco-friendly Treatment Center

Our eco-friendly treatment center covers an area of nearly 10,000 square meters, and possesses the currently domestic advanced industrial sewage treatment system and industrial waste gas treatment system. 
Our company works in cooperation with South China University of Technology for tackling of "Key Technology for Recycling of Aluminum Profile Production Wastewater", adopting several circulating treatment pools, adopting precipitation, refining and recovering devices, the daily treatment waste water capacity reaches 2800 tons, and it is capable of treating all production wastewater of the company, and achieving standard discharge and basic recycling utilization; with waste gas treatment system which adopts collection tank, neutralization tank and settling tank, adding into neutralizer, the waste gas is emitted after reaching the standard, thus avoiding pollution to the atmosphere.
Our product line includes architectural aluminum profiles, industrial aluminum profiles, aluminum windows & doors, aluminum cabinets & furniture, as well as specialty...




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