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What Are The Implementation Standards for Aluminum Profiles?

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China as a modern industrial manufacturing power, made in China is already a label that can be seen around the world. Then the quality control of products is particularly important, so different categories of products have different implementation standards. Domestic implementation standards are commonly known as national standards, and European implementation standards are commonly known as European standards. So what are the implementation standards for aluminum profiles? Today we take a look:

1, construction aluminum profile implementation standard: GB/T5237-2017 is the general implementation standard, GB represents the national standard, T represents the recommendation. There will be GB5237.1, GB5237.2 and so on are specific implementation standards for different surface treatments. GB5237.3-2017 is the executive standard for electrophoretic painting of architectural aluminum profiles.

2, general industrial aluminum profile implementation standard: GB/T6892-2016, this standard is applicable to building curtain wall aluminum profiles, civil, decorative aluminum profiles other than the implementation of aluminum extrusion standards, general industrial aluminum profile implementation standards are not as strict as building aluminum profiles, Hongfa Nonferrous metals are building aluminum profile standards to industrial aluminum profile quality control.

3, non-construction aluminum alloy decorative profiles implementation standard: GB/T26014-2010, this standard is suitable for decorative hot extrusion profiles, the surface quality requirements are relatively high, the mechanical properties, shape and position tolerance requirements are low.

4, aluminum and aluminum profile size deviation: GB/T14846-2014, this is another implementation standard for industrial aluminum profiles, but this standard only controls the outline size of aluminum profiles, other requirements are still in accordance with GB/T6892-2016. So this implementation standard is used less.

Of course, in addition to the national standard there are some foreign implementation standards. Eu EN12020-26060 and 6063 Aluminium and aluminium alloy precision profiles Part 2: Standards such as "Allowable deviation of Size and shape", EN755-2 "Aluminum and aluminum alloy rods, tubes, molds - Mechanical properties", American ANSI H35.2 "American Aluminum material size deviation Standard" and Japanese JIS H4100 "Aluminum and aluminum alloy Extruded profiles" are applicable to export profiles.

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