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Phoenix Aluminum Doors And Windows | The Original Source Control Through The Strip Sound Insulation Is Safer

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"Leading enterprises, source manufacturers, original factories through the strip" This is the general recognition of the public on Phoenix aluminum doors and Windows. In the past 33 years, Fengaluminum has always regarded quality as the lifeline of the enterprise, and the "source control" runs through every production link of the enterprise, becoming one of the few doors and Windows manufacturers in the industry that adhere to the "original factory through the strip".

Doors and Windows are good, the choice of profiles and insulation strips is very important. Fengaluminum door and window profiles are all made of high-purity aluminum ingot production, high strength, not easy to deformation and oxidation, effectively ensure the overall performance of doors and Windows. Preferred PA66GF25 polyamide heat insulation strip, adding 25% glass fiber, whether it is strength, stiffness, or heat resistance, wear resistance and impact resistance, are significantly better than ordinary PA66 heat insulation strip.

Phoenix aluminum doors and Windows, the selection of multi-cavity broken bridge aluminum profiles, adhere to the original factory teeth, threading, rolling, effectively ensure the bite force and connection stability between the heat insulation strip and profiles, prevent the heat insulation strip loosening, cracking, falling off, to ensure the safety of doors and Windows.

At the same time, before each batch of products leaves the factory, Fengaluminum doors and Windows will experience multiple strict quality testing to ensure that each product has no flaws, no defects, and no security risks. "Each batch of our products will carry out the impact test of the heat insulation strip and the shear resistance test of the profile to ensure the longitudinal shear resistance of the profile. Even in the most extreme use scenarios, the shear resistance of Phoenix aluminum door and window profiles can still reach 50 N/mm, which is more than twice the national standard." Fengaluminum aluminum testing ce


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