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Fengaluminum Aluminum To Participate in Universiade Stadium Construction

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On July 28, the 31st World University Summer Games opened in Chengdu, and the Universiade stadium built by FengLV Aluminum made a stunning appearance. The "silver UFO" lit up the night sky in Chengdu, and the "Sun God bird" showed its wings under the attention of all. Fenglv aluminum once again showed the extraordinary strength of the national brand with quality and service.

"The profile used in the Universiade stadium is as long as 13 meters, and the section is large, especially the special shape of the 'silver UFO', which puts forward higher requirements for the toughness and structure of the profile, and the construction period is very tight, Fengaluminum urgent customers, from the mold opening to the first product delivery, only 15 days, which has been highly praised by the owner." Feng aluminum project leader said.

Fengaluminum has the longest horizontal oxidation production line in Asia that can produce profiles up to 13.5 meters, and has a complete set of 10000T, 12500T, 20000T and other ultra-large tonnage extrusion production lines, which has a unique advantage in the production of ultra-long length and ultra-large section aluminum profiles. At the same time, Fengaluminum has established a quality control system higher than national standards. All these provide a guarantee for the perfect delivery of the Universiade products.

The main stadium of Chengdu Universiades, located in Dongan Lake Sports Park, is composed of "one game and three halls", including 40,000 large Class A stadium (main stadium), 18,000 large Class A stadium (multi-purpose stadium), small stadium and large Class A swimming and diving hall. From July 28 to August 8, 6,500 young athletes from 113 countries and regions around the world will gather here for a grand "Youth rendezvous".


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