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Foshan Industrial Aluminum Profile How To Choose The Right One

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With the development of The Times, Foshan industrial aluminum profiles are widely used in machinery, electronics, construction and other fields because of their light weight, high strength, beautiful surface and other characteristics. In order to have a more fit product, many people will choose custom processing, but there are also many people choose finished products. But how to choose the right Foshan industrial aluminum profile? Take a look with Xiaobian.

First, understand the basic knowledge of Foshan industrial aluminum profile specifications and sizes

As a widely used material, Foshan industrial aluminum profiles have a wide variety of specifications and different sizes on the market. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the basic knowledge of the specifications and dimensions of industrial aluminum profiles to help pickers better choose the right industrial aluminum profiles.

For example, Foshan industrial aluminum profile window frame series: including the national standard window frame series and European standard window frame series, of which the common specifications are 50 series, 55 series, 60 series, 70 series and so on. There are many types of specifications of aluminum profiles, and the size is different, including longitudinal section width, thickness and profile height that affect the overall strength, flange thickness and internal chip thickness.


Second, view the performance indicators of industrial aluminum profiles

In the selection of Foshan industrial aluminum profiles, in addition to the size of the specifications also need to understand its performance indicators, Foshan industrial aluminum profiles with corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength, beautiful surface and other characteristics of the ring, so we need to understand these performance parameters to ensure that the selection of a relatively high cost of industrial aluminum profiles.

1, corrosion resistance: corrosion resistance is one of the important indicators to evaluate the quality of Foshan industrial aluminum profiles. Because the types of aluminum profiles that need to be used in different industries are different, it is necessary to choose industrial aluminum profiles with better corrosion resistance for some applications with highly corrosive gases or environments.

2, strength: The strength of Foshan industrial aluminum profile is a measure of its load-bearing capacity, its influencing factors in addition to the size of the specification, but also includes the sheet thinness and the internal chip structure.

3, wear resistance: Because aluminum profiles will be subjected to various forces and friction during use, wear resistance is a very important performance indicator. If the selected industrial aluminum profile has poor wear resistance during use, it will lose its original strength and appearance due to damage during long-term use.

4, toughness: toughness is a measure of the ability of Foshan industrial aluminum profiles to bend or bend easily, only aluminum profiles with a certain toughness can adapt to the use of various occasions.

5, thermal conductivity: the high thermal conductivity of Foshan industrial aluminum profile is one of its excellent physical properties, can quickly transfer heat energy, increase the use effect and higher product quality, and the industrial aluminum profile with poor thermal conductivity is not only easy to heat deformation, but also relatively low heat transfer, and will affect the stability of the use process.

In addition, we also have to consider the application of environmental occasions, surface treatment process and other factors, so as to make a better choice.

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